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Being a parent comes with a whole control panel of stress buttons.
And there’s a whole bunch of people who get to push them.

You can bet your kids are in the front row seats with a whack-a-mole hammer. Then there’s your partner, your parents, your in-laws, and that strange lady at the grocery store who always seems to be you.

We all have our own stress bears. Maybe you have a kid with special needs. Or you’re a single mom. Or you’re living in circumstances where you just don’t have the support you need.

Or maybe you’ve just…

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A phrase that will strike terror into the heart of any parent. (One of many, let’s be honest).

Whenever my four-year old would strangle this phrase out at me while doing her best ‘sack of potatoes’ impression, it was panic stations.

Clearly, my little munchkin was suffering a lack of stimulation. I obviously hadn’t been taking her on…

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Becoming a mom is basically signing up for a pretty daring human experiment.

While there’s a set of broad guidelines, some basic “do’s and dont’s,” and a vague promise of life-changing rewards somewhere along the way, every iteration of this particular experiment is completely unique. So you really have no cooking clue exactly what to expect, or how it’s going to affect you, .

Sure, millions have done the experiment before, so we have a bunch of anecdotal info, examples and recurring themes in the parenting commons.

There’s the mood swings and morning sickness. The emotional rollercoaster of birth. The…

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Johannesburg, South Africa — New niche restaurant, Hoovers, has seen disappointing turnouts on its highly anticipated opening weekend. This following the lifting of strict Covid-19 Lockdown measures, which once more allows the public to patronise eat-in establishments.

The brain-child of entrepreneur couple, Wendy and Arby MacDonald, Hoovers is the first of its kind, branding itself as an exclusive ‘moms only’ eatery with a kitchen staffed predominantly by children. The MacDonalds are quick to clarify that their employment policies are totally ‘above board.’

Crying unhappy mother with child at home
Crying unhappy mother with child at home
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Another morning.
Another day on the hamster wheel from hell.
Another day running on empty while you fill everyone else’s tank.
Another day trying to jump the high bar to be the perfect wife and mom you promised yourself you’d be.

Another day to try, and fail.
Exhausted, overwhelmed, utterly empty.

. Lh

Andrea Kay

Nap deprived semi-working writer mom. Out to help parents embrace the struggle, find the joy and reclaim some sanity.

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